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*** Product images shown are of the total will ensure that the website What you get Match the pictures to see it. ***

Fusa & Kintsuna ...

Sample image Fusa and Kintsuna when installed in various car models.

Fusa Stadard size ( M )

White Fusa M
Murasaki M
Pink M
Black M
Red M
Whitegold M
Blackgold M
38 us$
42 us$
38 us$
38 us$
38 us$
53 us$
53 us$

Fusa Special Size ( L , S ) and Kintsuna ( L , M . S )

Single tassel White M
Murasaki L
White L
Murasaki S
Darkred S
Navy S
42 us$
62 us$
62 us$
31 us$
31 us$
31 us$
50 - 38 - 25 us$

*Prices do not include shipping.

Good Fusa should have a perfectly balanced proportions of the materials used must be carefully chosen. A refinement of the preparation.

Fusa is not only Shinto talisman. Also a work of art with the Japanese one. The common

In both the residential palaces, shrines and shops because it is something that brings good fortune and safe.

CLICK HERE To read more about Fusa and Kintsuna.


Mask and Folding knife

Wearable Hannya Red mask

Wearable Hannya White mask

Hannya mask on wooden plate
Hannya mask
40 us$
40 us$
43 us$
35 us$
38 us$


Figure and Doll

Samurai Yoroi Figure
Teru teru
39 us$
5-10 us$

*Prices do not include shipping.


Samurai Kabuto set


Gold Kabuto+sword set

Limited Edition

Gold Kabuto+sword set
Red Kabuto+sword set
Black Kabuto+sword set
Mini Kabuto
76 us$
55 us$

*Prices do not include shipping.


Samurai Kabuto set with Glass Cabinet..



Black Kabuto set +Glass Cabinet
Red Kabuto set +Glass Cabinet
Gold Kabuto set +Glass Cabinet
46 - 79 us$
67 - 100 us$
113 - 146 us$

*Prices do not include shipping.


Fusa Keyring ...


White single tuft
Black single tuft
Blackgold single tuft
White double tuft
Black double tuft
Blackgold double tuft
10 us$
10 us$
10 us$
16 us$
16 us$
22 us$



Everyday Carry (EDC.)

Skull Glass breaker

Multitool survival Paracord

Pocket Samurai A-B

Higonogami knife C - D

Streight Razor
10 usd. 7 usd. 70- 56 usd. 34 - 28 usd.
23 usd.



KAMON (Families crest) Keychain,Mobile phone hanging...


mobile hanging type A
Keychain type A
Keychaintype B
7 us$
7 us$
7 us$


Kabuto Keychain -Omamori - Headband - Yakuza Stlyle Sticker...


Yakuza Style Sticker

Rear Windscreen

Yakuza Style Sticker

Front corner Windscreen

Yakuza Style Sticker Fuel tank cover
7 us$
7 - 9 us$
5 us$
2 us$
7 us$


Mini Torii (Shinto Shrine) - Nobori - Preorder.

Wood Torii
Gold Torii
31 us$
31 us$
16 us$
click for information



Yakuza Style T Shirt ...

13 us$


Mudguard ...

PolyUrethane Mudguard
Plastic Mudguard
Rubber Mudguard
85 us$
70 us$
60 us$

*Prices do not include shipping.


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