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Kabuki Mask

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Oni Hannya with Wood plate : Kabuki demon masks with Wood plate ............. 43 us$

*Prices do not include shipping.

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for hanging decor on white light color house's wall ,wood plate is the real wood by only one piece(no cutting)

The width of the right to bring a substrate is very expensive.Which that is the good value for add a pronounced notably of Kabuki mask.


Oni Hannya : Kabuki demon masks hanging decor ............. 31 us$

( After May 1st ... Kabuki Hannya Mask price raise to 35us$ )

*Prices do not include shipping.

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size 20x 15 cm. (Height x width) , Japanese High Refinement tile work.With hanging rope for house decor or shop ,Ideal as a gift ...

Hannya Mask MeaningThe actual term Hannya, is a Japanese term derived
from the Sanskrit word Prajna, meaning Wisdom.
There are many believed reasons for why the the mask was named the Hannya Mask.
The most common of these reasons is that the mask was given this name to honor
it's creator and artist, a monk named Hannya-bo.
The mask is also said to have this name because it required a great deal of discipline,
mindfulness and wisdom to carve and create.

In Japanese folklore the female demon (oni) Hannya figures prominently.
Often depicted in traditional Noh and Bunraku plays using a paper or wooden mask of a fierce and grimacing horned demon,
this malicious entity may be Japan's most well-known demon.
You may even recognize this mask as being the symbol of darkest moral depravity in Onibaba.
An ancient legend recalls how the female Hannya persecuted all who attempted to pass through the Rashomon gate of Kyoto.
A staunch samurai named Watanabe no Tsuna decided to lay in wait for the demon in order to slay it,
until he was eventually persuaded by a beautiful young woman to escort her into town. As they travelled,
Watanabe happened to glance over his shoulder and saw the young woman transforming into a terrifying demon.
As the demon then laid hold of Watanabe, he quickly wielded his sword and cut off the monster's arm.
As Hannya fled screaming, Watanabe carefully wrapped the severed arm and later hid it in a secured chest.
After much time had passed and the event had faded into memory,
Hannya disguised herself as Watanabe's aunt and thereby convinced him to display his "trophy" of Hannya's limb.
Upon seeing her arm, the demon immediately reverted into her hideous appearance and,
grabbing the arm, fled from the house of Watanabe


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